The bathroom is important and with Unibos unique accessories can be stylish too.

The bathroom is small but a very essential and important part of any home. Its functionality and high utilization make it an irreplaceable room of any house. So the more personalized it is, the more convenient and comfortable it is. Bathrooms can be stylish too. The happiness and joy of a refreshing bath can be enhanced with well-designed and unique bathroom accessories. It is the bathroom where you start and end your tiring day. So it becomes important to just not take it for granted and not decorate it with easy décor shortcuts. Also, if the bathroom is very important, the question is, what is the condition of your bathroom? Isn’t your bathroom deserves a little love? To give your bathroom a more unique look, Unibos has a lot to offer.

Accessorize your bathroom space with Unibos bathroom accessories. Beautifully designed pieces from our collection to enhance the style quotient of your bathroom. The imaginative efficiency of all the uniquely designed accessories makes them easy to use. At Unibos, you will find countless bathroom accessories that can easily enhance your bathroom and make it more stylish and break away the monotony. Accessories ranging from showers, shelves, towel racks, storage cabinets, and all traditional, designers and kids’ bathroom accessories can be purchased from this vast collection. We offer you a unique and exciting choice of bathroom accessories at Unibos. 

Shop for Bathroom Furnishings Online at Unibos

Unibos is a one-stop destination where you will find numerous products and accessories for your home furnishing needs. We have a unique range of bathroom accessories and products to give an exclusive and fashionable look to your bathroom. These designer bathroom accessories are designed according to your convenience and are updated with new trends. We provide unique bathroom accessories sets such as wall-mounted chrome, dual side back body scrubber massager, Bamboo wooden over bath tray/rack/shelf, folding step stool, toilet roll paper store, stylish double chrome bathroom walls mounted, 3 arms 3 tier free standing chrome towel holder rail, and anti-slip duckboard of natural wood to give your bathroom a classic look. 

Design your bathroom the way you want

Unibos offers you unique choices to design your bathroom the way you want. We have traditional bathroom accessories, kids bathroom accessories, luxury bathroom accessories, affordable and cheap bathroom accessories set, small bathroom accessories, toilet accessories set which includes shower accessories, bath accessories, best baby bath seats, toilet bleach tablets, bathroom towel racks and much more. 

Product descriptions of our unique products and accessories 

1. Double chrome towel holder

The stylish double chrome towel holder is a simple, unique and elegant towel rail/shelf/holder in chrome and steel finish which can be easily mounted on the walls. Durable and easy to use. 

The dimensions of the product are, height: 17 cm, width: 45 cm and depth: 27 cm. 

2. Bamboo wooden bath tray

Bamboo wooden over bath tray set is excellent for when you are enjoying a nice relaxing and refreshing bath. It can hold products and items such as toiletries, a glass of wine, phones and a nice brew making them easily accessible while in total comfort. The bath tray is made from natural and eco-friendly bamboo that fits neatly on the edges of the bath, featuring a grated shelf design and allows an easy drainage. 

The dimensions of this wooden are: Length: 64 cm, Width: 15 cm and Depth: 4cm

3. Dual-sided back and body massager

Unibos’s unique, effective and efficient bathroom accessory is dual-sided back and body massager. Made from rubbery silicone material with a comfortable grip. This massager helps to stimulate blood circulation and massages sore muscles. It is a great product for relaxing your body after a hectic and tiring day.

Dimensions of this amazing product is Length: 85 cm, Width: 12 cm and Weight: 405 grams. 

4. Folding step stool

Unibos’s folding step stool has a space saver design and fits anywhere and everywhere. You don’t have to search and look further when you need a quick step up in the pantry, laundry room or closet. It is easily foldable and compact, so you need not worry about its storage, when not in use. Its integral carry handles and can carry weight up to 100 kgs. 

The dimensions of this stool are: Height: 21 cm, Width: 29 cm and Depth: 25 cm. 

5. Anti-slip duck wooden board

Unibos’s anti-slip duck wooden board is having an effective wooden and natural texture so you can enjoy a cozy feet massage while bathing and also it can efficiently promote blood circulation. This natural wood board is the best choice for the children and the elderly, it provides good traction and stability on the floor. Useful at homes, hotels, spas, shower stalls and saunas. 

6. Freestanding towel rail rack

The 3 arms 3tier free standing chrome towel rail rack stand comes with a perfect chrome finish, is free-standing, and secure bathroom towel stand with brackets included. 

The dimensions of this stand are Height: 94 cm, Weight: 40.5 cm and Depth: 18cm. 

7. Toilet paper roll stand 

Chrome loo toilet roll paper holder is an affordable and convenient accessory to store your toilet roll discreetly. It can store up to 3 rolls and helps in keeping your bathroom clean, tidy and organized. Made from durable chrome and is functional for everyday use.

Dimensions of this product are: Height 51cm x Width 14cm x Depth 14cm. 

8. Anika Mahogany effect toilet seat

This toilet seat fits all standard size fixtures and is quick and easy to install. It is provided with chrome plated hinges, mahogany effect and it supplied with fixtures.

Why Unibos? 

Unibos is the ultimate and unique solution for affordable bathroom accessories in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re shopping from our website, Amazon or e-bay, we’re proud of the fact that we have the products and expertise to help support you with your life on the move. If you would like to contact us with any inquiries, there are several methods you can use.


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