isn't it fun to play outdoor games? So today's smartphone-enabled, tablet-friendly, hi-tech kids
understand the concept of going outside to play?

They certainly do!

All we have to do now is introduce them to a few outdoor games that we used to play as kids,
along with some more "intellectual" ones for them to work on, and we'll be good to go. The goal
is to persuade them that spending time outside is always more enjoyable than spending time
indoors playing video games.
Despite the fact that summer has come to an end, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the
outdoors. Barbecues and family get-togethers are excellent opportunities to bond over a variety
of outdoor activities.

We've picked together some of the best outdoor games, whether you're in your own backyard or
on a day trip to the beach:

Kids Wooden Rounders Set :
This Game Set is a high-quality item and perfect for school use or fun in the garden, at the park
, etc. It is very long-lasting and strong equipment. This item is easy to transport thanks due to the
carry bag included. The Pack includes – 1 x bat, 4 x stumps, 1 x ball. Enjoy the fresh air playing
some classic team sports games. Brilliant for a day in the park

Lawn Dart Throwing Game Garden Toss :
Lawn Darts is a competitive garden game for people of all ages. It's a fantastic outdoor game
that can be enjoyed in the garden, on the beach, or in the park. It's perfect for summertime
get-togethers and BBQs. It's a really safe and simple game to play. To reduce any dart-related
injuries, these Lawn Darts have rounded tips and are spike-free. It comes with 4 lawn darts, 2
target/throwing circles, and is suitable for children aged 3 and above.

Adult iScoot XA5 :
Our iScoot X50 scooter features comfort suspension and is made of pure aluminum. It is sturdy,
elegant, and easy to transport thanks to the removable carry strap. It's the most convenient and
convenient mode of transportation, and unlike a bicycle, there are no limits on using it on the
tube, train, or bus. The cost is one of the quickest scooters available, with a huge 200mm
wheels, a low deck, and a built-in revolutionary suspension that allows you to ride long distances
with minimal effort and optimum comfort. A mud/rain guard is included to keep your trousers
clean when you get to your destination.

Xootz Kids BMX Scooter :
This is a good mix of BMX and scooter that can handle beginning and advanced riders. The
maximum rider weight is 50 kg, with simple turning, drifting, and acceleration. It has a HEAVY
DUTY Steel frame with convenient metal support to keep it from rolling about on the pavement
or grass. The comfortable riding experience is provided by the DURABLE TYRES. To offer
those extra tricks more stability, as well as the ability to securely stop.

Xootz Beginner Trainer Skates :
With these safe and stable children's infant skates, you may have a good time. It DEVELOPS
SKILLS include balance, coordination, and confidence in children aged 3 and up. You may
ATTACH TO YOUR CHILD'S SHOE, allowing them to transform their favorite sneakers into
roller skates. With the easy-to-use brake stopper composed of sturdy and durable PP material, it
STAYS IN CONTROL. It has an ADJUSTABLE FOOT BASE that allows you to find a
comfortable fit for your child's feet as they grow; it fits.

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Moreover Playing outside in the dirt and grime strengthens your child's immune system. When
the body is exposed to the outside world, they are better able to resist bacteria and germs.

Furthermore, the sun is a natural source of vitamin D! Stepping outside in the fresh air promotes
blood circulation, which aids digestion and keeps the youngster fit in general. Playing outdoor
games improves a child's social skills. The majority of these games necessitate teamwork and

So, what are you thinking? Go and Grab these amazing outdoor games from the Unibos store