21pcs Universal Disc Brake Caliper Piston Reset Wind Back Tool Kit

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COMPLETE 21-PIECE KIT: Tackle any brake caliper job with confidence using our comprehensive 21-piece kit. It includes everything you need for a thorough brake system maintenance.

VERSATILE WIND BACK TOOLS: Equipped with 2 Wind Back Tools, specially designed for both right and left-hand applications, this kit ensures versatility to meet the demands of various brake systems.

OUTER PAD FOR COMPATIBILITY: The kit includes 1 Outer Pad, offering compatibility with different brake configurations. This feature makes our kit suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from compact cars to heavy-duty trucks.

ASSORTED SIZE PISTON PADS: With 17 assorted size piston pads, this kit provides the flexibility to handle different caliper sizes. This ensures you have the right tool for the job, making brake maintenance a seamless process.

CONVENIENT STORAGE CASE: Stay organized and keep your tools easily accessible with the included Storage Case. No more searching through your toolbox – our kit allows you to keep your brake caliper tools neatly arranged and ready for use.

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