Outside Brass Garden Tap Full Kit DIY Installation Wall Self Cutting Connector

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HOSE TAP WITH QUICK CONNECTOR - Do you need an accessible water source for your garden, allotment, stables, garage, or building site? This handy outside tap kit includes a brass anywhere tap, quick connector, and fixings (screws and wall plugs)

TEFLON O-RING: It provides a secure and watertight seal between the the bibcock tap and brass wall plate . No need to use teflon tape.This helps prevent water leaks and drips when the tap is turned off.

EASY TO INSTALL BRASS GARDEN TAP - This essential brass bib tap can be mounted on wood, concrete, and brick surfaces. Install a water source on your wall, back plate, or vertical surface today with this useful outdoor tap kit!

MADE OF BRASS: This brass tap is resistant to corrosion. This resistance helps prevent the formation of rust and extends the lifespan of the tap. Brass is a durable and robust material, which means bibcock taps made of brass are less likely to break or wear out over time. They can withstand everyday use and are less prone to damage.

FIXING PLATE INCLUDED: The fixing wall plate comes with provided plugs and screws simplifies the installation process, as you have all the necessary components. Ensure that the plugs, screws, and fixing plate are appropriate for the type of wall material and the load-bearing requirements of your installation

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