Heavy Duty Powerful Grease Gun Pistol Grip With Manual Flex Hose 445cc

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AU190- 15 OZ (445CC) GREASE GUN-TZ1

DUAL SPOUT DESIGN: Featuring both a fixed and a flexible spout, our Grease Gun offers versatile lubrication options, allowing you to reach challenging grease points effortlessly. With a generous 15 Oz (445Cc) capacity, it ensures you have ample lubrication for various applications.

HEAVY-GRIP CONSTRUCTION: The grease gun is designed with a robust, heavy-grip handle for optimal control and comfort during use. Its ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue, making it an ideal tool for extended lubrication tasks.

DURABLE CHROME VANADIUM STEEL: Crafted from high-quality Chrome Vanadium Steel, this grease gun is built to last. The sturdy construction ensures resilience in demanding conditions, making it a reliable and durable addition to your automotive toolkit.

CARTRIDGE COMPATIBILITY: Specifically engineered for use with cartridges, our grease gun is convenient and easy to reload. This design streamlines the process, allowing you to replace cartridges efficiently and continue your lubrication tasks without interruptions.

EFFORTLESS LUBRICATION: Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, our Grease Gun is the go-to solution for maintaining smooth and efficient operations. Experience the ease of precision lubrication with this exceptional tool that gets the job done effortlessly.

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