18ft Kids Giant Slip & Slide Double Slider Water Slide with 2 Body Boards

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NEW DESIGN: Super long water slide with zigzag spray pattern sprinkler system runs the length of the slide for awesome water coverage for long great sliding. Add soap for extra slide. There are tons of holes the slide that creates sprinkler effects for a more fun experience. The water sprays all around the slide; enough to wet the whole slide to makes it easier and fun to slip.

STURDY MATERIAL: Our water slides are made of thick sturdy Super-slick PVC sheet, phthalate-free, durable and long-lasting use. Blow up water slides for amazing splashing fun in backyard summer fun! Roll it up and pack it away at the end of summer. It will be ready to go year after year!

ANTI-COLLISION: The extra long slide way provides buffer space, reduces friction with the ground, and makes the glide smoother. There is a water spray anti-collision pad at the tail, which is safer to use. Two kids can slide at once with our blow-up water park. They can have races to see who's faster, splash around or show off new tricks they learned on the boogie board.

SUMMER FUN: This inflatable water slide suitable for the hot summer family activities, birthday gift, party hit, game toy, lawn garden toy, etc. The splash sprint racing water slide covers the water spout to ensure that the entire slide is covered with spray. This outdoor water slide will turn your backyard into a private water park!

HOW TO USE: When using garden racing double water slide, only need to connect the slide to the water pipe. If the pressure of the water flowing to the faucet is too low, the water will not spray, so you need to use a pressure pump to increase the water pressure. The combination of the faucet and the pressure pump will achieve a better effect. Enjoy the cool summer with your friends! (THIS PACKAGE DOES NOT INCLUDE HOSES AND CONNECTORS)

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