240 Snowing Icicle Ultra Bright LED Lights - White

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54017s-240 Snowing Light-VR1

Product Description

This is a set of 240 white LED ultra bright Snowing Icicle Lights which are set approx 8cm apart with 12cm drop spacing. They can be hung indoors in a window or around a room for example, or used outside on a hedge or most traditionally, along the roof or window line of your house. Fitted already to the set is a 6 mode sequence control unit so you can choose your favorite pattern. The use of LED's mean that bulbs do not need to be replaced and they also use less energy than traditional bulbs and give a brighter light too.

  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Ultra Bright LED Lights
  • 240 Snowing LED Icicle Lights
  • White - 6 Functions
  • Approx Size: Cable length from transformer to first bulb 10m - Cable length from first to last bulb: 5.8m
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